Claire was born and raised in the small west Texas town of Pecos. It was there in the absence of malls, movie theaters, and chain restaurants that her creativity was formed and flourished. From her small town, she moved to Fort Worth to attend college at Texas Christian University where she earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in studio art. Driven by love for beauty, art, and fashion, she pursued opportunities with wardrobe styling that would eventually lead her to an internship in Los Angeles. In LA she would get to work on set of music videos, commercials, and editorials. After she had ventured down that career path and a few others, it was clear that she needed more human connection, creative freedom, and possibility for expansion mentally, creatively, and financially. It was then that she finally decided to follow the path that had truly been in plain sight her entire life. She enrolled in Baldwin Beauty School where she received an awesome, hands on cosmetology education.

“The moment she walked into Jose Luis, I felt as if I were home in the place where I would begin my career. Since that moment I have been fortunate enough to apprentice under both accomplished master stylists, Jose Buitron and Theresa Pryzbyla. I have learned so much in my first year in the pursuit of my career and I fully intend to dedicate the years to come continuing to learn, create, and master my craft. Up until this moment I have made an effort intentionally to connect, spread positivity, acknowledge the beauty that exists in the world and create more of it. I would be more than happy to spend time listening to your goals and concerns (hair and otherwise) and assist you in creating a you that you’re proud to share with the world.” -Claire Weinacht